Samstag, 12. November 2011

It's done - Berlusconi is out, but...

My, and not only my fears yesterday evening luckily proved exagerated. Silvio Berlusconi has behaved as promised. No poker game. Simply resignation. Halleluja!
A new spin has emerged however today: many politicians are talking now about a "technical government", which would mean a cabinet without the presence of leading political figures from the Parties.
This would clearly weaken the position of Mario Monti, the incoming Prime Minister. It would be much easier for the political forces in the parliament to act swiftly in a destructive way, don't running the risk to damage their rappresentatives in the Monti-team. I really hope that this will not happen. Because a governement full of experts and professors has for sure a high intellectual level, but it wants a bit more than smartness to govern really this huge and complex country. Attenzione Mario: the first traps will emerge from tomorrow on. This is Rome, not Brussels. Take care!

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