Freitag, 11. November 2011

Shaky Italy: Berlusconi creates difficulties for the formation of a Monti-government

This was not forseeable this morning, when I wrote my last blogpost. But as far as the support of the Berlusconi-movement (PDL) for a Monti-led government is concerned, have emerged today major difficulties. The outgoing prime minister seems to be oriented to influence directly the names of the new cabinet. If not, he would withdraw his support, sources of the PDL, said this evening. Berlusconi could also propone to President Napolitano a different name than Monti.
The "cavaliere" once again shows with this unacceptable Poker game no sense for the country. He is a power drunken irresponsible. What happens im the markets on Monday, if the new government under the leadership of the highly reaoected Monti will not be formed? For sure a desastrous bloodbath! But this does not interest the crazy man, who behaves like Emperor Nero, who burned Rome and dropped afterwards a tear.
Italy will only be on the safe side, when Berlusconi will be definitely out of politics. The man is pure poison for Italy.     

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